Technical articles

Optimization of the online store, or his own admin

Each of the online storeowners seeks to optimize and improve the work of its resource, to provide the potential buyer with the best opportunities to buy goods or services. Of course, not every one of them owns  hidden programming skills and parse the code in parts to optimize it. At the initial stages, when the online store isn’t promoted yet and doesn’t carry the desired profit, it can be difficult to have a qualified specialist on staff for the smooth operation of the resource on the selected CMS. We will try to open the doors to optimize and increase productivity ...

Normal cloud, or private, what to choose?

In this article we will talk about private and ordinary clouds, what is the difference between them? And also we will help you to determine whether it is necessary for you, or you can do without it.

Let's look at what is a regular cloud? This is the part of the server where your site files are stored, with limited resources. In addition to your files, there are also other clients. At peak times, your site can take resources that you didn’t buy, and the site of your “neighbors” on the server can also do it with your resources. Resources ...

The difference between shared hosting and VPS. Why you should VPS? What are the benefits of our hosting?

Normal virtual hosting - hundreds of sites with shared resources are located on one the server,  these resources are shared among all customers. In this case, you strongly depend on your “neighbors” in the server, who are not always professional.

- Shared hosting uses resources shared by all users;

- On the virtual hosting it’s difficult to change even the basic settings, and for more complex optimization there are no access rights;

- The task of virtual hosting, basically, provides for cheaper services, rather than ensuring maximum performance.

Dedicated virtual server VPS - autonomous allocated part of the disk space on one physical "machine" ...

CMS, which ones do Сs-Cart, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Wordpress, Magento, Woocommerce - the advantages of each of the engines.

In this article we will look at the most popular CMS. Сs-Cart, Magento, Joomla will see the advantages and disadvantages of these "engines". We will help you determine what's important to you and how to optimize your e-commerce site for comfortable and fast work.

What kind of CMS do we use?

We use only 3 main engines:

  • CS-Cart;
  • Joomla;
  • Magento.

But there are also individual solutions for customers separately, which can be specified in those. support. Now we will sort each of them.


This CMS is designed to create and manage online stores of any kind, from the ...

CDN map from Zahid-Host company or what opportunities do clients get with more coverage?

We will consider the following questions in this article:

  • CDN Coverage Map, What Is It?
  • What are CDNs Used for?
  • Why does Zahid.Host Expand the Coverage Map Constantly?
  • What Opportunities Do Clients Get With a Big CDN Card?
  • In Which Countries Do We Have Our CDN Servers?

CDN coverage map, what is it?

A CDN map is an image of the locations of our CDN servers around the world. At the moment we have more than 30 servers around the world, and their number is constantly growing.

What is CDN used for?

CDN is needed to quickly receive data ...

How to improve the work of the online web-store, if you use the cheapest  plan with a minimum of services?

Everyone who designed or was engaged in filling the online store was faced with the choice of a hosting provider. Sometimes  not only by technical features, but also by the cost of services. In the early stages, the cost of services exceeds the technical literacy of the provider, because you need to quickly "unwind" the online store.
Today we will examine some of the "focuses" that will help to improve the operation of the online store, if you use a budget plan with a minimum of services.

For beginning, let's briefly describe all the points:

  • Find out what slows down ...

BackUp every day or once in a month?

Together we will sort out in this article whether it worth to do BackUp daily? Should  pay attention when choosing a hosting provider to this option? Budget hosting provider doesn't offer such an opportunity, but is it worth it?

BackUp, what is it? Why is it needed? Why is it better to do it every day? Why cheap hosting companies don’t have such services?

BackUp is a copy of your site data and save it in the hosting provider space. We have them done automatically every day. You can restore the site from the backup by contacting the technical ...

What is important for online stores when you will place it in the Internet provider?

- Resources

When you choose a hosting for yiur online store, first of all, you should pay attention to the resources that are offered. Resources can be selected depending on how many visitors you have per day.

 Our rates:

  • Start UP is optimal for 500 visitors per day;
  • Base is optimal on sites from 1000-2000 visitors;
  • Intermediate - from 2000 visitors;
  • Enterprise - from 5000 visitors.

The first three, work as virtual dedicated servers (VDS / VPS) and the fourth as a dedicated server, with the possibility of combining.

What is the difference in them?

Virtual dedicated servers accommodate several clients with their sites ...

Frequently asked Questions

What services does our hosting offer?

  • - Protection against DDoS attacks;
  • - Optimize your sites;
  • - Convenient control system;
  • - Support Help;
  • - Free test period;
  • - High speed, modern equipment;
  • - 24/7 support;
  • - Close integration under a specific platform: for each of the CMS;
  • - Scaling projects as needed for minimizing end-user costs;
  • - Selection of the most effective hardware.


Is there a difference between cloud-based virtual hosting and VPS?

Yes, there is a difference - in the placement of your site. If it will host on VPS hosting, its resources could be taken by other sites that are also on this machine. Similarly, your site, at ...

What is the difference between web hosting in the CIS countries, Europe, and America? What are their pluses and minuse.

Today, modern technologies allow access to many opportunities, some of them are foreign hosting providers, but is everything as good as it seems at first glance, are they suitable for the CIS countries? Answers to these and other questions will be discussed below.

Let’s see, what is web hosting?

Web hosting - it's possible to say a special computer where the data of the sites are located. They are stored there for a reason, and to maintain constant access to the site.

The first hosting started to appear in USA, because they are most developed there, then USA appeared in highly ...