General Provisions and Terms

Service Provider shall take all necessary measures to prevent violation (consciously or not) of the below-mentioned rules by the Client. A complaint from other customers, third party services or competent bodies is grounds for checking for violence of one or another rule.

After the fact of violence, the Service Provider shall reserve the right to suspend the provision of services to the Client and to refuse from provision of services in future. While registering on the Service Provider’s website the Client is obliged to provide the true and correct information about himself, including his contact details, and is responsible for the current e-mail address and mobile number, specified at registration.


1.1. All Services provided by the Service Provider must be used only for the defined purposes and must not conflict with the valid legislation of Georgia and international treaties.

1.2. It is prohibited to mail spam using the Service Provider’s equipment, in this regard the spam is not only electronic mailing of letters and it also includes the other interpretations generally accepted in the Internet.

1.3. It is prohibited to violate the rights of third persons by the use of the Service Provider’s services.

1.4. It is prohibited to post and mail any information (containing viruses or harmful components), which may cause damage and loss for third persons.

1.5. List of inadmissible materials:

- Websites distributing the goods or information, which violate the copyright;

- Websites for selling accounts (social networks, online games, Skype, PayPal, e-mail accounts, etc.)

- Websites dedicated to Counter Strike, Half-Life, Lineage, World of Warcraft and all other games (all games independent on their name, type, genre, etc.)

- Pirated archives of films, music, books, TV shows and software (even if the files with films and music are located on other servers);

- Websites of pyramid schemes, websites dedicated to the MMM organization, “mutual assistance” websites, websites promoting pyramid schemes;

- Websites of hyip projects, (fraudulent project, similar to the high profitable investment fund), websites promoting the hyip projects, websites with rates of hyip projects;

- Websites and forums, oriented on hackers;

- Torrent trackers;

- Websites distributing the smoking mixtures, narcotic drugs and marijuana seeds or websites promoting such activities;

- Casino, bookmakers websites;

- Pornographic websites, webcam websites, websites of escort services;

- Sale of any drugs requiring license without the corresponding license;

- Websites of currency exchange and websites of cryptocurrency.

1.6. Clients are fully responsible for all actions committed via their Services Management Panel, including the case if their login and password for the Services Management Panel became known to third persons or if an unauthorized entrance to the website was carried out, as well as they are obliged to use all available protection systems, which allow preventing the unauthorized access for third persons. In case of identification of a threat we ask to change the access passwords immediately, as well as to contact the technical support service to receive necessary instructions.


2.1. Resources, for which no limits were installed or which are described as “unlimited”, were created for Client not to worry about sudden suspension of Service in connection with excess of the limit.

2.2. Resources on servers are, however, not limitless and the Service Provider therefore demands Clients to use the Service Provider’s resources taking into account that they are needed to other Clients, who should use them on equal rights.

2.3. According to the chosen rate plan the resource limit is given, which should be used by the Client reasonably for purposes, which don’t violate the terms of hosting.