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Website development on Woocommerce is one of the most popular methods for quickly creating an online store at the moment, and has several advantages over other e-commerce engines. This CMS gives you the opportunity to use all the functionality of WordPress and at the same time quickly get an online store with a lot of functionality, actually leaving the practice of working with highly loaded WordPress sites, we in turn were able to provide high-quality hosting for Woocommerce. The advantages of the solution are: multitasking, flexibility in the development of solutions and allows you to solve complex problems when building your own website.

The extension has many add-ons that make it easy to integrate a large number of payment systems, convenient analytics functionality and much more, help to use its full potential, official and third-part developers offer users a very wide range of solutions. If while developing an e-commerce site you stopped at this CMS, we are ready to make maximum efforts for the quality of Woocommerce hosting: whether you own an online store, ticket system or services where you need to thoroughly examine and pay for goods online. Our professional team will be able to optimize and modernize the work of the online store by selecting the right server resources and setting up its work with high quality. The plugin comes with basic add-ons, and if you want to order others according to your needs, we will help to optimize the hosting of Woocommerce without difficulty for your site. Woocommerce is a powerful e-commerce CMS that helps to solve problems of low sales and incomplete control over the work of managers and the site as a whole, but since this isn't a box solution, it requires a team of competent integrators. Technical support from Zahid-Host will help you or your development team to perform the most daring and complex tasks, ensure the stable operation of your site, and in case of unforeseen situations or failures in work, will be able to restore the site to work as soon as possible.


Each site is individual, and although we have calculated many factors, we can always improve the parameters for a specific site or module, if necessary. With the development of WooCommerce, we have implemented all possible features of the work of this CMS for our clients. We are constantly trying to improve our services. We will be happy to help you and our specialists will help you to choose the optimal parameters for the 24-hour operation of your store.

Cloud hosting for Woocommerce uses a proprietary server management system in which we implement advanced and interesting solutions that provide speed and optimization of both the backend interpreter and the frontend parts. Using a CDN in a service package provides fast communication and fast delivery of static content. Although our basic system of protection against bots and DDOS attacks isn't the most advanced on the market, it copes with most attacks, it is constantly being improved, and the main service is provided free of charge to all users.