What Are The Benefits Of Using Your Hosting?
What Is The Difference Between Virtual Hosting And VPS?
What is the Difference Between VPS And Cloud VPS?
How to Determine Which Hosting Do I Need?
Can I Transfer My Website to Your Hosting (Zahid.Host)?
Can I Leave A Change in Plan And How To Find Out Is There In It Need?
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Where Are Your Servers Hosted?

You will receive complex service with the possibility of connecting additional, and including:

  • Optimization for e-commerce sites

    Currently, our servers are optimized for work with CS-Cart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, taking into account the basic requirements of the systems. E-Commerce sites are complex systems with an extensive functionality. The download speed depends, in essence, on server optimization and the weight of the code. However, the CMS itself has a large number of modules that affect performance. We do our best to make your site work as efficiently as possible, and in case of problems, our experts will help with diagnostics.

  • Assistance in administration

    Our specialists are always ready to help you if you have difficulty in additional server settings. In the plans of Base and above, free hours of such works are allocated.

  • Your system performance optimization under any load

    You will always get qualified technical support for optimizing the server and optimizing it for the current boot.

  • Convenient site management system

    The server management system is optimized for work with e-commerce sites, taking into account the capabilities of the supported CMS.

  • A number of defenses against base DDos attacks have been introduced
  • Test period

    You will have time to test the site for 7 days, which will not be taken into account in the event of a failure.

A dedicated virtual server VPS is an autonomous dedicated portion of disk space on one physical "machine" (server) and allocated fixed resources for each user.

Advantages of VPS before the usual hosting:
  • security level. First of all, VPS servers have their own personal environment that is not connected with other users;
  • the ability to configure the system and optimize resources for each specific project;
  • the ability to install additional software;

Ordinary virtual hosting - on one server there are hundreds of sites with shared resources, i.e. these resources are shared among all customers.

  • Virtual hosting uses resources common to all users;
  • on virtual hosting it is difficult to change even the basic settings, and for more complex optimization there is no means and access rights;
  • the task of virtual hosting, basically, provides for cheaper services provided, rather than providing maximum performance;

Thus, VPS has much more to do with the dedicated physical server than with the place on the virtual hosting allocated to your site.

Cloud services have many variations and they are often confused with the usual VPS on cloud-based VPS hosting.

  • Ordinary VPS

    uses a portion of the resources of a large server. We will call this server "maternal". The motherboard is always larger and is actually a regular physical server. It has a certain amount of resources: the number of memory modules, hard disks, etc. The parent server is "cut" into conditional units with limited resources - VPS. That is all resources are shared among all clients, therefore, in order to increase the resources, it is necessary to physically change the server.

  • Cloud VPS

    works simultaneously on several servers, united in a cluster. They, like regular VPS, use the resources of a particular machine, but due to a number of solutions, it is possible to split the load into several servers (a group of parent servers). Initially, the e-commerce platform does not support such solutions from the box, but due to our workflows, this process is more smooth and predictable. Cloud service in the resources is not limited, except that in the amount of available on the site servers. That is, the main advantage of the cloud is its flexibility. But there are a number of others:

    • fault tolerance due to the ability to quickly change the data processing server;
    • quick scaling;
    • redundancy of nodes;
    • flexibility of setting;

  • StartUP - plan is optimal for 500 visitors per day in peak loads and can process more than 2500.
  • Base - is aimed at sites from 2500-5000 visitors.
  • Intermediate - 5000-20000 visitors.
  • Enterprise - 10000-50000 visitors.
  • If, when choosing the optimal plan for the number of visitors, your site can not cope with the load first of all, contact those. support for determining the main problem with the load, and after it is diagnosed, it will be possible to make further decisions. The main problems are reduced to errors in the code, which should be eliminated by the programmers, but on our part.

    After creating an account and designing our profile, our specialists can move the site for free and adjust it to the maximum convenient. The average data transfer time takes 1 hour + time to change the DNS records that depend on the current operator (may vary from 1 hour to 24), we can audit and provide all possible information to resolve the problem.

    Changing the plan is best done after consulting with our technical support, as there are often cases where the performance problem is not on the server side, but the code.

    Changing the plan is necessary either if the disk space is insufficient or if the number of visitors is increased on the site, in the other case it is better to consider the possibility of optimizing the current tariff. After applying for the change, the tariff plan for the higher leaves about 5 minutes. Returning to the previous one, depending on the size of the project, may take 1-3 hours, during this operation the site may be unavailable for up to 5 minutes.

    Returning to the old plan entails a number of operations (the disk space can be increased by default) and it takes a long time, we can provide a temporary increase of other parameters to ensure that the tariff change will be relevant to you, and it is better to discuss this with our specialists before changing the plan.

    The main indicator of the selection of a plan is the volume of content of your site. The number of visits to the site, the amount of product, and the number of clicks is secondary, but these are also important. Depending on the content of the activity, it is better to calculate the margin for the expansion, it is initially recommended to leave at least 20%% of the current disk space.

    Our specialists will always help you to optimally choose a plan.

    Protection against hacking

    One of the most important issues during the transition to the provision of services in the form of cloud technologies was the ability to implement a number of protective mechanisms of the system. Servers are completely isolated from each other, and also have a number of other types of protection that we do not advertise for security purposes. For our users, we provide SSL certificates from Let is Encrypt for free, which meet all the basic security requirements. Their competitors are already expensive certificates that check not only the web-resource but also its legal data.

    In overall perspective:

    • You will get protection against hacking at the level of embedded recommendations from the official developers and your own development, which minimizes the possibility of hacking.
    • You can be sure that we are doing everything we can to ensure the maximum security of your site. We are introducing the latest software versions, as well as anti-hacking technologies that are installed by our experts in all areas without exception.
    • You can be sure of the safety of the information, because it is backed up to remote servers that are not accessible by the server.

    Bot protection.

    There are search bots from Google"s search engines, Yandex, which, when analyzing your site, add site pages to your index (more precisely, they addThere are search bots from Google is search engines, Yandex, which, when analyzing your site, add site pages to your index (more precisely, they add your site to your database as useful when prompted, depending on the content of the site (the text and its uniqueness)). And there are bots from competitors or others that, besides the load on the website do not bring benefits (SemrushBot, SMTBot, MJ12bot, AhrefsBot, DotBot, Exabot, BomboraBot, SeznamBot). We have implemented protection from SEO bottles that scan competitors and do not carry a payload to the user. Our specialists track these bots and disconnect them, allowing the site to work at maximum performance. your site to your database as useful when prompted, depending on the content of the site (the text and its uniqueness)). And there are bots from competitors or others that, besides the load on the website do not bring benefits (SemrushBot, SMTBot, MJ12bot, AhrefsBot, DotBot, Exabot, BomboraBot, SeznamBot). We have implemented protection from SEO bottles that scan competitors and do not carry a payload to the user. Our specialists track these bots and disconnect them, allowing the site to work at maximum performance.

  • You will receive round-the-clock monitoring, customer service specialists are available online at working hours from 10 to 22 in Moscow. time (9 - 21 Kiev)
  • You will always be able to contact technical support via chat on the site or post.
  • A specialist, who can solve problems through skype or through other convenient means of communication for you, is available for Intermediate and Enterprise plans.
  • We provide a management system that manages the server infrastructure. You can manage your site around the clock. We do not restrict the ability to work with your site, you will manage it through the management system you have set up (for example, WordPress (WooCommerce) or CS-Cart)

    Currently, servers that handle content are hosted in Germany and Russia, and for caching systems, there are more than 30 servers around the world, and their number is constantly growing both geographically and quantitatively.

    According to the current law of the Russian Federation, all data must be stored in the territory of the Russian Federation (http://minsvyaz.ru/en/personaldata/)

    Whats the difference between standard cloud and a private cloud?
    In which case do I need a private cloud?
    Can I change the server settings?
    • All the workings and additional services are preserved, the difference is only in the server infrastructure that handles data processing
    • Payment is made for the server, not the virtual machine,so all the resources of the dedicated servers are completely yours
    • The ability to create an infrastructure of any complexity in compressed terms
    • You need a particularly complex structure of access levels and increased security
    • Our specialists will help to implement complex technologies easily and quickly

    First of all, the service is oriented to large projects when one server can no longer withstand the load and additional resources are needed that will be balanced between several machines.

    If you have many different projects on different CMS and you need a quick deployment, manage or scale them and have a predictable result

    We can deploy the infrastructure to any clients requirements, from the selection of aparatics to the choice of a data center.

    How can server optimization help me?
    How to find out what I need to optimize the server?
    When should I do optimization?
    If you have problems with the performance of your site, that can occur because of incorrect selection of the hardware part, as well as not fully customized software.
    You can use any server response speed analyzer (PageSpeed Insights or others) that will tell you the problem areas of your site. If you are not sure, you can always contact our specialists for advice. We will help to analyze both the work of the site and the server, and, if necessary, we will offer solutions to the problems found.

    According to the recommendations of the search engines, the server response should not be longer than 200ms. In order to achieve such indicators on complex projects, it is necessary to implement a number of technologies and sufficiently meticulously engage in the optimization of both the hardware and the software. Practice also indicates that what is really noticeable to the user is the indicator when the page of the site is generated (not fully loaded and the generation time itself) is more than 400-500ms, and already a sign that it is worth considering about optimization, and in case of page generation longer than 1 second, there are noticeable suspensions and this is a real problem that needs to be eliminated. Optimization is a complex and costly process, we recommend considering our hosting as a platform already with a prepared setup in order to eliminate the cost of implementing them, but if you wish to use personal resources, we can provide our work and improve the speed of your server.

    What is technical support?
    When do I need technical support?

    Technical support means the service in which our specialists are involved in the maintenance of client projects. Starting from the base under which our administrators monitor the state of the server, update and control security, and ending with a complex set of services for administration, monitoring and consulting.

    Actually, any project needs maintenance, in the case of no-shutdown work, sooner or later there will be a problem that can lead at best to downtime in the service and at worst to loss of data. If you use the services of our cloud services, some of the monitoring and analytics tasks are already done to ensure stable operation of the service, as the hours of technical support are included in the Plans Base and above, thanks to the complex of implemented systems, the service boils down to help with errors related to the human factor, as well as help in analyzing the work of sites and consulting.