About the Project

Zahid.Host, a company operating in the market of network technologies since 2010, is developing a system for automating the management of server-based systems oriented to e-commerce sites. At the moment, our efforts are aimed at integrating such CMSs as CS-Cart and WordPress (WooCommerce), which work under high load conditions requiring high availability or geo-distributed client base. In addition to our own approach to software optimization, we focus on hardware and hardware to meet the high requirements of our customers

The web hosting market is widely presented and does not require clarification of its functionality, but to understand the differences and advantages of our solutions, the following features can be distinguished:

  • Close integration under a specific platform: for each of the CMS selected optimal database parameters, graduations for different situational needs are developed.
  • Responsive technical support aimed at maximizing the comfort of using our services Subtle optimization of the program part, depending on each project, additional parameters can be selected Build your own CDN network to optimize the speed of delivery of content to the end user
  • Scaling projects as needed for minimizing end-user costs
  • Selection of the most effective hardware
  • A clear understanding of the problem areas associated with project maintenance on supported platforms, as well as the availability of tools for solving complex and non-standard situations.
  • Our server resources are divided into two groups: Backend where data processing and Frontend server are actually used, which are used for caching, balancing and protecting sites against attacks.

Backend servers represent a complex set of interconnected and consistently functioning software and hardware components hosted in other geo-distributed datacenters:

Hetzner (Germany) https://www.hetzner.de/ and Selectel (Russian Federation) https://selectel.ru/

Frontend servers have both wider geographic distribution and duplication of servers by datacenters from different countries to ensure maximum availability in case of interruptions in connection with one of them. 

  • Amazone
  • DigitalOcean
  • Hetzner
  • Scaleway
  • Selectel
  • many others

In the near future we will publish a detailed map with available servers and their statuses online.