Optimization of the online store, or his own admin

Each of the online storeowners seeks to optimize and improve the work of its resource, to provide the potential buyer with the best opportunities to buy goods or services. Of course, not every one of them owns  hidden programming skills and parse the code in parts to optimize it. At the initial stages, when the online store isn’t promoted yet and doesn’t carry the desired profit, it can be difficult to have a qualified specialist on staff for the smooth operation of the resource on the selected CMS. We will try to open the doors to optimize and increase productivity, in simple ways that will be available to each of us.

Let's try to analyze and understand how to use simple actions to improve the work of the online store, to optimize code if you have basic programming knowledge and how to compress images to improve the productivity and resource performance, increase the download speed and speed of the site.  What  or how to do independently check the work of the online store, detect and correct difficulties in the work of the site.

Let's start with the most basic parameter and requirements of each of us, namely how to improve the work of the website, without making great efforts and expenses of finance and time.

Our experience with projects of varying complexity suggests that to improve the load on your site, you should take care of the CDN network. Regardless, whether you own a small online store or a resource with a large number of goods and services, sooner or later you will connect with the issue of increasing the speed of loading your website to deliver content to the user at times faster. When you are choosing a hosting provider, we recommend to pay attention to provide a full range of services and to the cost and basic characteristics, we don’t think about additional services that you have to pay for in order to ensure the speed of your site.

For example, we, as a hosting provider, provide all clients without exception to automatically connect to CDN servers immediately after purchasing a plan and regardless of the size of your project, you get this service, which allows you to increase the speed of downloading files and display information to your client faster. The information is already distributed on such servers. Thus, the load on the primary processing server is lower, the speed of the website increases from the very beginning, financial costs for the CDN network services are not required, and the speed of display and download of your online store files increases.

 A convenient and simple way to optimize the work of the site will be the inclusion of caching the site on the user's device. When you first download, the main files of your online store will be saved in the user's browser, and when it’s re-loaded, the site loading will be much faster than the first one, which of course will lead to less time loss for the user.

If you are still using the old security protocol (HTTP), and have thought about the performance of your website, it’s time for you to upgrade to its new version, namely HTTPS.

Almost all new websites work on it, and their download speed exceeds the maximum from HTTP. The basic principle of its work is to send all the files of the website, in one stream, rather than creating several, like its predecessor. This significantly speeds up the site’s download speed, and more importantly for an online store, increases its security, this is important, although today we’re not talking about that, and yet, if you’ve been thinking about the site’s security, then we will advise you pay also attention to the material dedicated to this section on our website.

A very good tool for optimizing online store operation is Google PageSpeed. Which analyzes the speed of loading your site, and gives excellent advice on its acceleration, also carries out basic analysis and gives recommendations that will be easy to implement and improve the work of the site. We now turn to code optimization.

Immediately, the very first advice from us will be, if you are not confident in your abilities, and you don’t really understand the code itself, its construction and meaning, DO NOT try to change something in it, according to the instructions of users in the forums, or any instructions found in the Internet. It is better to contact an experienced specialist, who already has extensive experience in setting up and optimizing the site and not spend a lot of time, money and effort.

If you are an experienced user, and are guided in the code of your site and worked with this type of CMS, first make backup files, later begin to optimize the code, first checking it for errors.

If you look at the points, let's start with HTML.

To optimize the code, you should do these simple steps:

  • Compression gaps;
  • Reducing the amount of content at the top of the page code;
  • Preliminary DNS rezolving;
  • Deletion of the domain from the URL in the href and src attributes.

Now move on to optimizing CSS code.

  • Combine all CSS in one file;
  • Minify CSS;
  • Moving CSS to the HEAD section;
  • Moving files with CSS styles in front of JavaScript scripts;
  • Transfer small style descriptions to HTML.

We optimize JavaScript codes.

  • Combine all javascript into one file;
  • Minimize JavaScript.

Several items have already been entered, the difference in the work of the site is already noticeable and you can go to its visual part, where the speed and loading speed is hidden, namely compress the pictures, for faster loading of the page and its elements.

Compressing images is a very important process in optimizing an online store, because we need to get a little weighing image with good quality. This will help us a variety of programs and services. From us, I would like to advise "Compressor".

This is a free service where you can compress an image up to 90%. Of the minuses, this is only a limit of 10MB, and image formats. Speaking of formats, there are only two of them here, .jpg, .png, which are most often used in website design. There are also many other services if you do not like this one. The main goal is good quality and low image weight.

You ask, why do you need to compress images?

Everything is simple, the smaller the weight of the image, the faster it will load. And judging by how people browse sites, their main attention is focused on pictures, not on text. Since the image is faster on the eyes, and faster analyzed. With the help of pictures, you can quickly get to the first lines in search engines, which will increase the popularity of your site or online store.

Diagnostics of the site, perhaps the most important of all the above points. Because without it, we can learn little about, and then decide which way to go, optimizing the site. For this, it would be best to use “developers.google.com” from Google, which analyzes the site well, for its download speed and overall performance. Gives good advice on optimizing the entire site, and speeding up its work, as well as providing its assessment. You can use any such service convenient for you, basically, they will show you the same problems.

If you need advice and walk in more detail to optimize the online store, you can contact our experts from Zahid-Host and we will show you how to increase the speed and attract more users to your site with simple efforts.

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