Normal cloud, or private, what to choose?

In this article we will talk about private and ordinary clouds, what is the difference between them? And also we will help you to determine whether it is necessary for you, or you can do without it.

Let's look at what is a regular cloud? This is the part of the server where your site files are stored, with limited resources. In addition to your files, there are also other clients. At peak times, your site can take resources that you didn’t buy, and the site of your “neighbors” on the server can also do it with your resources. Resources are one for all. Because the rent of such a server isn’t worth a lot of money, and they are suitable for small and medium-sized sites with a small attendance.

Now discuss what is a private cloud?

This is almost the same as above, but without co-owners. One or several servers are allocated for your website, on which there is no one else, and accordingly, you get the resources for which you paid money. On account of the price, it’s not small, because such a tariff isn’t suitable for underdeveloped sites that don’t bring much income. But there are also exceptions, which we will talk about later.

What is the difference between a regular cloud and a private one?

  • All developments and additional services are saved, the only difference is in the server infrastructure that is engaged in data processing;
  • Payment is made for the server and not the virtual machine, all the resources of dedicated servers are completely yours;
  • Ability to create infrastructure of any complexity in compressed lines - You need a particularly complex structure of access levels and increased security;
  • Our experts will help to introduce complex technologies easily and as quickly as possible.

In which case do you need a private cloud?

First of all, the service is focused on large projects when one server can no longer withstand the load and additional resources are needed that will be balanced between several machines. These are the few exceptions that we mentioned above: If you have many different projects on different CMS and you need to quickly deploy, manage or scale and have a predictable result. If you need a complete setup of your server, but the usual settings are not enough.

Can I change server settings?

We can deploy the infrastructure for any customer requirements, ranging from the choice of hardware to the choice of data center.

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