CMS, which ones do Сs-Cart, Joomla, Prestashop, Opencart, Wordpress, Magento, Woocommerce - the advantages of each of the engines.

In this article we will look at the most popular CMS. Сs-Cart, Magento, Joomla will see the advantages and disadvantages of these "engines". We will help you determine what's important to you and how to optimize your e-commerce site for comfortable and fast work.

What kind of CMS do we use?

We use only 3 main engines:

  • CS-Cart;
  • Joomla;
  • Magento.

But there are also individual solutions for customers separately, which can be specified in those. support. Now we will sort each of them.


This CMS is designed to create and manage online stores of any kind, from the simplest, with the minimum of goods, to huge ones, with individual suppliers and a multitude of windows.

It’s very easy to manage, add and edit products, create filters. It’s possible to create an unlimited number of products (you are limited only by the characteristics of the machine that you ordered).

Also significant advantages include:

  • - Availability of the mobile version of the site;
  • - Synchronization with Yandex .Market, 1C. Enterprise and Products.;
  • - You can pay for the purchase of all common payment systems;
  • - Ability to connect to multiple delivery services;
  • - Free trial period for 30 days.


  • - This CMS is paid;
  • - Minor installation difficulties;
  • - The database name must be without a hyphen;
  • - CS-Cart automatically puts not quite correct headers H1-H2, which need to be corrected;
  • - Filters create copies of pages.


CMS is more versatile, unlike the above mentioned. It can be used to solve many problems, and make a very good site. But for beginners, it’s not quite suitable because of its complexity, although there are many forums on it.


  • - It’s very well protected, and even every experienced hacker will be able to hack such a system;
  • - This CMS is free, and everyone can use it;
  • - A lot of opportunities, here you are limited only by your imagination;
  • - A lot of ready-made plug-ins, modules and components that will help you in creating a quality website.


  • - A significant minus here is SEO promotion. It was created not quite like this one would like. But this can be fixed with additional extensions;
  • - Create duplicate material when editing it. When you want to edit any material, Joomla will create a copy of this part, with a separate link. It also affects SEO;
  • As mentioned above, this CMS is not for beginners, as it is rather difficult to learn.


This is a paid CMS for creating internet-shops, which costs quite a lot, about $ 2000. But it’s not for nothing that it costs so much, since you can create very fast and very good sites on it, with good protection and fast page loading speed.


  • - Own caching system, which will significantly speed up the site loading;
  • - Improved indexing system that runs in the background and doesn’t affect the performance of the site;
  • - Full compatibility with Google Analytics.;
  • - Multifunctional user management;
  • - Support for world famous payment systems;
  • - Support for mobile devices;
  • - High speed and fault tolerance, even with a huge number of simultaneous visitors.


  • - Very difficult installation, the beginner will spend a large amount of time for installation;
  • - The need for improvement. Using only the standard functions of Magento, a lot will not work;
  • - To host this CMS, you need a good host. It’s better not to use it on cheap hosting, due to the lack of resources and experience of the staff;
  • - Compared with the previous CMS, this one doesn’t have many additions.

Why is it worth using our hosting, if you have one, or will there be a website on one of these CMS?

Zahid.Host, unlike other host providers, has a small list of CMS, but this is our advantage. Since it's good to configure the server for a large number of CMS is impossible. Because different engines require different settings, and working together isn't entirely correct. That's, the fewer of them, the better and more harmoniously the server will work. Our hosting is well tailored to the CMS data, and they are ideal for hosting your site.

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