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GEO-DNS, what is it used for, how can you speed up the site in conjunction with CDN?

What is DNS?

DNS is a server where store all domains and IP addresses of sites. Domain  is  the name of your site, for example, or The IP address is a combination of 4 digits separated by a period, for example:

What are the DNS servers used for?

To get to the site, you need to know  IP address, but it's inconvenient, because you should remember the name of a site, it’s easier than remember a combination of numbers. That's why there are DNS servers. When you navigate through a domain, your ...

Should you use different CMS on the same hosting?

In order to give an answer, first, will we analyze what is a CMS?

 CMS is a content management system created from a variety of scripts. It was created to facilitate the administration of the site. Since it has a graphical interface, a person doesn't need the skills of website layout, or knowledge of the programming language.

One of the most popular and simple CMS is WordPress and Joomla.

The main question: Should I use different CMS on the same hosting?

 It's not recommended to host different CMS on the  one hosting. Because they will not work (depends on the ...

SSL Security Certificates

What are SSL certificates?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) are security certificates that encrypt data when transferred from a server to a user. It allows you to use the HTTPS protocol. This is a security protocol that will provide you with protection from hackers,  hacking and other problems, as your connection from the server will be encrypted. Most often, SSL is used on commercial sites, such as our hosting, when buying or selling goods. In our case, when ordering a plan for your site.

Why it should be used on commercial and other sites?

Hackers don’t have much sense hacking a ...

What is a DDoS attack? How does Nginx handle them?

What’s rhat DDOS- attack?

This is a very large number of requests sent to the server in a short period. Requests can be use of your site, such as opening web pages, pictures, and other similar elements, that's just not very effective. To do the most harm, it need to find a vulnerability in your site, one of it can be the registration. That is why most popular sites put protection against bots, since the database is quite a vulnerable place.

What’s purpose of DDOS-attack?

The purpose may have difference, but not much. The main purpose is to give a ...

What parameters should you look before choosing a hosting company

10 main characteristics, which usually include in their descriptions are:

  • - The size of the space allocated to the user on the disk. Includes total space for site files, for e-mail, for databases. Our hosting offers 50 GB on SSD NVMe. Their use will give the execution of a large number of disk operations;
  • - Number of sites. The number of sites that can be created (placed) on that tariff. We don’t have limits on the number of sites or databases, you are limited only by the tariffs for which you pay;
  • - The number of databases coincides with the number of sites ...

What should I use, Apache or Nginx?

What's the difference between Apache and Nginx?

To answer on this question, you need to parse them separately. Apache - was created in 1995, already in 1996 it was the most popular in the world. The main advantages are strong documentation and integration with a host, more  flexibility, reliability, power and wide prevalence. One of the main drawbacks in Apache is the lack of a graphical user interface for configuration, and configuration files must be edited manually.

Nginx - released in 2004. It’s designed to support 10,000 simultaneous connections, with which it manages. The advantages of Nginx include: easy placement with ...

What the difference between HDD, SSD, NVME SSD. Why use the last?

What are HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD?

HDD, SSD, NVMe SSD these are the standards of information stores. In other words, these are the hard disks where the data is stored, in our case the data of the clients and their sites.


Let's look at the difference between them

HDD. These drives are old generation, and they haven’t changed since 1990. It works by remagnetizing cells on magnetic plates. They run at 4300, 5400 rpm and at a speed of 60 to 90 MB/s.

Since 2001, some manufacturers  begun to make drives from 7200 rpm, this increased the speed ...

What is CDN? Why is it needed? What gives its use?

What is CDN?

CDN  (Content Delivery Network) — server network, each server is located in different countries. It’s for accelerated delivery or distribution of static content on your site, such as: images, audio, video and other files.

How does work CDN?

You download your content (web-site) in  CDN;

This content transfer between local servers of  the CDN network;

When user will download this content, he will gain it from the nearest server.

How CDN can help speed up the web-site?

CDN servers are located in different countries. They can contain cached data on your web-site, and when the user be ...

What is HTTP/2 protocol?

What is HTTP/2 protocol?

First, let's look at what the HTTP protocol is. This is a data transfer protocol, which was originally intended for the transfer of hypertext.
HTTP/2 is an improved HTTP protocol, this is the new version.

Why the HTTP / 2 protocol was created?

Since HTTP was created a long time ago, in 1991, for this time of existence, it was only a few times subjected to global changes. The latest version of HTTP 1.1 was released in 1997, during this time this protocol was obsolete and in 2015, HTTP/2 was created. It improved ...