Frequently asked Questions

What services does our hosting offer?

  • - Protection against DDoS attacks;
  • - Optimize your sites;
  • - Convenient control system;
  • - Support Help;
  • - Free test period;
  • - High speed, modern equipment;
  • - 24/7 support;
  • - Close integration under a specific platform: for each of the CMS;
  • - Scaling projects as needed for minimizing end-user costs;
  • - Selection of the most effective hardware.


Is there a difference between cloud-based virtual hosting and VPS?

Yes, there is a difference - in the placement of your site. If it will host on VPS hosting, its resources could be taken by other sites that are also on this machine. Similarly, your site, at peak points, can take resources from other sites. Cloud virtual hosting is  completely separated from the rest, and it  gives  resources that you ordered.  The last service is more expensive than the previous one.

How to choose the right  plan?

Choose a plan should be in accordance with the number of visitors per day:

  • - StartUP  is optimal for 500 visitors per day in peak loads can handle and more than 1000;
  • - Base is optimal for 1000-2000 visitors;
  • - Intermediate - from 2000 visitors;
  • - Enterprise - from 5000 visitors.

How can I understood that the resources on the  plan aren’t enough, and it's time to order better?

You can understand this from the number of maximum visitors specified above, and disk space. If it's crowded or visitors become more then recommended, you can choose the new plan for better work, but don't rush,  it's better to write to support. Since the load problem may not be in the number of visitors, or space, but in the code itself. Our experts will find ways to optimize the code and advise you the best choice.

How to transfer the site to our hosting?

 On this issue you need to contact our support. Our specialists will transfer your site for free and make the best settings for it. This process takes approximately 1 hour, and from 1 to 24 hours to change the IP of the DNS servers (depends on the operator).


What kind of protection against DDoS attacks do we offer?

To protect our customer websites from hacking, we separate each client individually, and even if one is attacked, the attacker will not gain any access to other sites hosted on the same machine. There are also a number of other types of protection that we don't disclose for security reasons.

We also use protection from malicious bots, such as:  SemrushBot, SMTBot, MJ12bot, AhrefsBot, DotBot, Exabot, BomboraBot, SeznamBot. Similarly, SEO bots that don’t carry loads, but scan the sites of competitors. Our specialists track and block them.


Where are our servers located?

Our main servers are located in Germany and Russia, as well more than 30 cache servers (CDN) around the world. Their numberis constantly increasing, for faster downloading of content.


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