What is important for online stores when you will place it in the Internet provider?

- Resources

When you choose a hosting for yiur online store, first of all, you should pay attention to the resources that are offered. Resources can be selected depending on how many visitors you have per day.

 Our rates:

  • Start UP is optimal for 500 visitors per day;
  • Base is optimal on sites from 1000-2000 visitors;
  • Intermediate - from 2000 visitors;
  • Enterprise - from 5000 visitors.

The first three, work as virtual dedicated servers (VDS / VPS) and the fourth as a dedicated server, with the possibility of combining.

What is the difference in them?

Virtual dedicated servers accommodate several clients with their sites. The resources between them are common, so that sometimes they can be smaller then when ordering. Even in peak situations, they can increase. Suitable for online stores of small and medium popularity.

Dedicated servers, in turn, don’t have any other clients. The whole server is available to you. In this case, no one will take resources from you, and they will be completely yours. According to the characteristics, they are many times superior to the previous ones. With a shortage of even such resources, there is the possibility of clustering servers. In other words, combining two or more servers to get more resources. Online

stores work on such bundles rather badly, but we fixed it with our own work.

- Speed  downloading of the page

 Also  important characteristic for  online stores will be  speed. If downloading speed will be  faster, then more pleasant it's to browse the catalog of goods on it, to buy them, and in general, just use the site. The download speed affects the location of the user that entered your site. If it will be closer to  servers that host your site, the faster it will receive the site content, and the site will load faster. But if the client  is far away, we have our own CDN network consisting of more than 30 servers around the world that store cached versions of our clients' sites. Therefore, before receiving dynamic content, the user will receive static (images, text, etc.), and thus the loading of the site will be much faster.

- Stabil work of servers

The availability of your online store is important indicator. But it directly depends on the ISP. If the servers aren’t stable, they can "fall", and at that time your site will not be available, so you can lose customers that they wanted to buy some product from you. The stability of our servers is at a very high level, and they are constantly available for visitors.  If  something happens, our specialists will correct this error in short-time period.

- Protection against DDoS attacks

Protection also plays a big role for such stores. Since shops are always competition, and your competitors will want to get rid of you, to increase their profits. Then various DDoS attacks will be used. But our hosting provides good protection against such attacks, and our clients websites continue to work stably. We use the Nginx web server, which blocks abnormal traffic from the same IP addresses.


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