How to improve the work of the online web-store, if you use the cheapest  plan with a minimum of services?

Everyone who designed or was engaged in filling the online store was faced with the choice of a hosting provider. Sometimes  not only by technical features, but also by the cost of services. In the early stages, the cost of services exceeds the technical literacy of the provider, because you need to quickly "unwind" the online store.
Today we will examine some of the "focuses" that will help to improve the operation of the online store, if you use a budget plan with a minimum of services.

For beginning, let's briefly describe all the points:

  • Find out what slows down the loading of your web-site;
  • Optimize the site code;
  • Use gzip;
  • Compress images;
  • Limit the number of items.

Let’s talk more in details about each of them.

Find out what slows down the loading of the web site

You can learn this with the help of a large number of analyzers, both paid and free. One of the freeware is a service from Google, which analyzes your site well, collects the necessary information from it, and gives you the result, as well as suitable tips, to optimize your resource.

Optimize site code

In a code made by an inexperienced typesetter, there may be a lot of unnecessary actions and commands. If you are the owner of such an “art”, and you began to notice that your site has been loading for a long time, perhaps you should pay attention to the code itself. Will appeal to more experienced people. Before that, you can write to our technical support, for clarification.

Use gzip

Gzip is an archiver that is installed in the site code. Before sending files from the server to the user, it compresses (archives) all the files, and then sends them to the client. After the client receives such files, his browser unpacks this archive and loads the already prepared page. Thus, the time to transfer files is reduced, and the load is accelerated.

Compress images

Images can be very large and their transfer of course takes a certain amount of time, which will affect the load and work of your site. For this, you can use, as in the previous case, the code that is installed in the .htaccess file.

Limit the number of items

 If you have a lot of  elements on your web-site, the load on your equipment will increase, it’s obvious. If you use the minimum fare, you should limit the number of interface elements and various functions, use only the most necessary and useful parts of the site for visitors. All the rest should be either optimized or removed altogether.

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