Cloud VPS/VDS ( Rental of Cloud Hosting )

Rental of Cloud Hosting provides stable work of the site and increases the level of security and data security. Our additional services provide advantages in speed and the project protection. Our team is constantly working to improve the environment and related services. We care about the safety of your data and availability of each site at any time and anywhere in the world.

Speed optimization

Stable site work

Performance analysis HTTP requests

Customized servers for each project

Simple project scaling in a short time

Free SSL certificates, HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3 support

Data protection ( each client is in different container)

Bot and network attacks protection

Own CDN network is included in the plan

Qualified technical support

Private Cloud Servers ( Own Cloud Server)

Our Cloud Servers are reliable and productive, but if you have increased requirements for resources, infrastructure or security, we offer the possibility of creating an individual cloud. Several dedicated servers work as one whole mechanism, and CDN accelerators provide balancing which increases the stability of the infrastructure as a whole. Lack of third-part projects guarantees the server’s security against the influence of internal factors and the stability of their work is increased due to the proper distributionof the load and the individual selection of equipment.

Technical support with experience of major project support

Enhanced security of the server infrastructure

Optimization to work with large volume data

Personal manager of your project support

Monitoring the correct operation of the project

Global availability check

Development of distributed infrastructure for your needs

Implementation of your project into our infrastructure

Fine settings for your technical tasks

Duplication and increased data security

Website Functionality Optimization

Our work is aimed at optimizing the work of servers and software under any load, because we consider this as the main parameter of quality provision of services. Maximum server optimization will help reduce the load on your site and it will work at the maximum of its capabilities and speed. For each client and project we have an individual approach. Our specialists will analyze and optimize the work of your site, as well as indicate ways to eliminate errors, if any, will be identified. Optimization is possible both during transition to us for maintenance, and on your resources. Optimizing the work of sites and systems under any load on the resources of the client without moving to us for service (a thin (individually oriented) configuration and audit of your server).

Maximum working capacity of your site

Minimal response of your server at boot

Optimize your server performance

Individual approach

Careful analysis of the site

Audit your server

Technical Support

Each project needs one or another technical support, projects that are posted on our sites are already provided by the basic tech. support. Above that, Base plan and plans above have dedicated hours to solve additional questions that may arise during operation.

In addition to supporting our own product, we provide customer support services, administration and monitoring of your projects, analysis and consulting in all matters related to issues related to the operation of your equipment.

Qualified consultants

Preservation of client information

Optimize the performance of your server and nodes

Maximum availability of your services

Detailed analysis and audit of your equipment

Personal approach for defence system