CDN map from Zahid-Host company or what opportunities do clients get with more coverage?

We will consider the following questions in this article:

  • CDN Coverage Map, What Is It?
  • What are CDNs Used for?
  • Why does Zahid.Host Expand the Coverage Map Constantly?
  • What Opportunities Do Clients Get With a Big CDN Card?
  • In Which Countries Do We Have Our CDN Servers?

CDN coverage map, what is it?

A CDN map is an image of the locations of our CDN servers around the world. At the moment we have more than 30 servers around the world, and their number is constantly growing.

What is CDN used for?

CDN is needed to quickly receive data from the server to the client.  Your main server, on which you have placed your website, may be far away, the user, who went to your site, will first receive a cache copy of your website from the nearest CDN server, and then the main part of it, from the main server respectively. Thus, the website loading is much faster.

You can find  more about this process in another article on our website called “What is a CDN? Why is it needed? What gives its use? "

Why is Zahid.Host constantly expanding the coverage map?

The CDN network is expanding for one reason only, and this is the download speed. Users, who are close to the CDN server, receive the cache almost instantly, and visitors from remote locations wait for the cache longer, respectively, and the website loading is slower. The conclusion is that : the more points with CDN servers, then faster visitors from the whole world will load your website. That's why we are trying in every way to expand our CDN map.

What opportunities do customers get with a large CDN map?

Capability means loading speed, but a lot depends on it. From just comfortable working with the website, to the point that search engines will find your site faster and put it on the first lines, which of course will significantly add the number of your visitors.

In which countries do we have our own CDN servers?

Our CDN servers are located in the following countries:

  AU Alexandria
  BG Sofia  
  BR Sao Paulo
  BY Minsk 
  CA Montreal  
  DE Frankfurt  
  DE Nuremberg
  FI Helsinki  
  FR Paris  
  HU Budapest
  IN Bengaluru  
  IN Mumbai  
  IT Arezzo
  IT Milan  
  KZ Almaty
  KZ Oral  
  LV Riga  
  NL Amsterdam  
  PL Warsaw  
  RU Chelyabinsk
  RU Moskva  
  RU Novosibirsk
  St Petersburg  
  RU Voronezh  
  RU Yekaterinburg
  SG Singapore
  TR Istanbul
  UA Dnipro  
  UA Kharkiv
  UA Khmelnytskyi  
  UA Kiev  
  UK London
  US Dallas  
  US North Bergen  
  US San Jose
  US Seattle  

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