BackUp every day or once in a month?

Together we will sort out in this article whether it worth to do BackUp daily? Should  pay attention when choosing a hosting provider to this option? Budget hosting provider doesn't offer such an opportunity, but is it worth it?

BackUp, what is it? Why is it needed? Why is it better to do it every day? Why cheap hosting companies don’t have such services?

BackUp is a copy of your site data and save it in the hosting provider space. We have them done automatically every day. You can restore the site from the backup by contacting the technical support of our hosting.

Why do I need BackUp?

 It is needed to restore your site files. This is required if they are damaged in the event of technical work, accidental deletion, with third-party intervention (hacking for example) or malfunction.

Why is BackUp worth doing every day?

Everything is simple, you can be in such a situation that your site is broken due to the reasons listed above, and if you don’t have the necessary backup, you will have to manually restore everything. If you have a large and popular site with a huge database, this is impossible to do (in case of a damaged database). Backups less than one day is also not a good idea. Take for example a backup once a month, this is a very long time, and if something happens to the site after 10-20 days, when the last time a backup was made and a recovery will be required, the users of your resource will feel it, since all their actions in recent days, just damn it.
If you have an online store, this is simply not acceptable.

Why cheap hosting services don't have such services?

They don't have for quite simple reasons. One of them may be the lack of space on the drives. Also, because these are cheap, not quite high-quality hosting, and they don't care about their clients. For technical reasons, such as the absence of a person who would automate this process. One of the main reason is that they don't have clients with large sites, and clients can download backups to their computers without spending much time on it.

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